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The Therapeutic Nutritional Companion of your patients

Created by registered dietitians, scientists & engineers, powered by evidence-based information, Zest is the day-to-day trustworthy nutritional companion of chronic patients for an optimized nutritional status and quality of life before, during & after treatment.

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Evidence-based nutrition is our research area. We provide answers, articles, advice to patients having tireless questions to help them feel better while avoiding miracle diets.
Through our Cancer, Cardiovascular prevention, and Diabetes platform, we serve thousands of patients usually on their own. Chronic pain is coming next.
Dietary changes are hard, nonetheless necessary for some patients living with chronic conditions or at risk. With our personalized app, patients constantly get readings, advice, recipes and grocery lists to help change become easy and natural.
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  • Recognized scientific team
  • European leader in serious pathologies like cancer
  • Available in English, French & Dutch
  • Already prescribed in hospitals
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