Combining Science, Data & Precision Nutrition

Science is our

We are a team of scientists, engineers, registered dietitians & nutritionists, all passionate about impacting more lives with evidence-based, rigorous, nutritional interventions. We collaborate with top-noch universities to further drive research and make sure patients benefit from latest proven guidance.

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The scientific teams behind Zest

A Mission-Based Team

Stéphanie Roland
Founder & CEO
MSc. Chemical Engineering
Aurore Vial
Head of Product
Registered Dietitian, Micro-Nutrition, Entrepreneur
Sinda Mahbouli PhD
Scientific Supervisor
PhD Cancer & Nutrition, Registered Dietitian, Entrepreneur
Camille Flammang
In-house Dietitian
Registered Dietitian & Nutritional Therapist with a Master in Public Health
Jose Cid Constela
Msc. Computer Science
Dr Daphné 't Kind
Medical advisor,
Chief Genetic Oncology Clinic, Institut Jules Bordet
Dr Marie-Claude Vohl
Scientific Advisor,
Canada Chair Genomic applied to personalized nutrition & metabolic health