(Mal)nutrition affects
treatment efficacy.

Evidence-based nutritional interventions to improve patients' quality of life and health outcomes.

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The Therapeutic Nutritional Companion of chronic patients

Created by registered dietitians, scientists & engineers, powered by evidence-based information, Zest is the future trustworthy nutritional companion of all patients living with chronic condition or pain for improved quality of life & rehabilitation.

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Registered patients
Already supported pathologies
Our Zest companion helps patients with risk factors or in remission adopt a healthier, prevention diet

"50% of cancer patients have internet or friends as main source of information"

"Malnutrition is still largely unrecognized, underestimated and undertreated"
(ESPEN, 2021)

Pain management
Zest helps patients improve their daily symptoms and pains by offering a personalized, step-by-step nutritional guidance
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Our current supported conditions

1 Zest, Multiple health problems addressed

Our four first companions, Zest Cancer, Zest Cardio, Zest Diabetes & Zest Pain, help improve patients' quality of life, symptoms burden and risk factors with an actionable, empowering personalized nutritional solution.
Let's collaborate to bring Zest to chronic patients.

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Zest *empowers* patients

Zest companion helps improve patients to regain a sense of control in an era where patients want to be actors of their health. Zest gives them day-to-day tools to adhere better to suggested dietary changes.

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"I wanted to become an actress of my own healing journey"

After the cancer diagnosis, I wanted to learn more about nutrition. For me, Zest is a real time-saver! I have recipes totally adapted to me, I do my own weekly menus, download my grocery list and bring it with me to the store. I love the very reactive and listening team, very empathetic as well, which offers a very personalized and adapted solution that englobes everything I was looking for.

56, breast cancer patient, HR2+

"The disease is too often understood as a continuum of medical treatments, but it is much more than that"

Integrative medicine also cares about the mental, physical and emotional relief of the patient as much as with their recovery. And food is one of them. Thanks to Zest and its symptom monitoring, I receive balanced recipes, adapted to my condition and tasteful! The shopping list and the possibility of being delivered are a plus to limit the mental load and physical efforts when the body does not always allow it. This was exactly what I was missing in my healing journey.

36, breast cancer, triple negative

Patient Reported Health

Zest is based on patient reported symptoms, pains, health status & preferences.

Personalized Recipes

Calculated for the patient based on meal nutrient composition and patient's dietary habits.

Tailored Nutrition Advice

Scientific content and nutritional advice for reduced pain severity and improved nutritional status.

Online Follow-Up

Videoconference follow-up by registered dietitians for improved motivation and better fit to their dietary profile

From advice to patients' plates

All-in-one personalized nutrition experience.

  • Curated scientific readings
  • Continuous personalized hygieno-dietitic advice
  • Personalized recipes
  • Grocery lists & delivery option
  • Health & Symptoms Tracking
  • Online Dietetic Coaching
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They talk about Zest

Healthtech: Allier Nutrition & Traitement

Pendant 13 minutes, Stéphanie Roland était l'invitée de Fanny Griessmer pour son émission SmartFood pour échanger sur l'importance d'intégrer un support nutritionnel dans le parcours de soin de patients chroniques.

BSmart / Fanny Griessmer
June, 24 2022

550.000€ pour développer la plateforme Zest

"Une alimentation adaptée est en effet essentielle dans la prise en charge globale d'un patient chronique."

Canal Z / Interview Télé
May 10, 2022

Les startups healthtech de Bruxelles

Stéphanie et 3 entrepreneurs de la Healthtech debattent prévention, écosystème de santé & impact patient.

BX1 / Charlotte Maréchal
August 2022

Brusselse start-up Nutrinomics haalt 550.000 euro kapitaal op

"In de Brusselse Europa Ziekenhuizen wordt het voedingsplatform Zest vanaf nu aanbevolen aan kankerpatiënten als een onderdeel van hun behandeling".

Trends / Roeland Byl
May, 12 2022

La start-up bruxelloise Nutrinomics lève 550.000 euros pour Zest, une plateforme nutritionnelle thérapeutique pour patients cancéreux, cardiaques ou diabétiques.

"Pour les malades atteints d'un cancer, la malnutrition peut entraîner des effets délétères sur la qualité de vie et affecter également l'efficacité du traitement."

L'écho / Olivier Gosset
May, 12 2022

Belgique : Nutrinomics lève 500K€ pour son outil de suivi nutritionnel des patients chroniques

"« Les partenaires s’intéressent à notre solution pour des études cliniques visant à prouver qu’une nutrition personnalisée intégrée au parcours de soins permet d’améliorer la qualité de vie et de limiter des effets secondaires de la maladie, par exemple la nausée ou la diarrhée pour le cancer".

Health Tech Intelligence / Matthieu Richard-Molard
June, 16 2022

Brusselse start-up vindt geld voor voedingsplatform chronisch zieke patiënten

"De Brusselse healthtech start-up Nutrinomics heeft in een tweede financieringsronde 550.000 euro opgehaald voor de verdere ontwikkeling van Zest, een therapeutisch voedingsplatform voor chronisch zieke patiënten".

May 12, 2022

Nutrinomics & BlueHealth Innovation Fund

"Nutrinomics is a healthtech company on a mission to improve chronic patients’ quality of lives and chances of remission through combining Science, Data & Precision Nutrition".

BlueHealth Innovation Center

Healthtech/ Nutrinomics boucle une 2e levée de fonds

"Zest est déjà utilisée par plus de 1000 patients, dont 75% de Français. L'application connaît aussi un succès croissant auprès des professionnels de la santé".

La Libre / Pierre-François Lovens
May, 15 2022